Service Page

Yarn for All Seasons is a contemporary shop located in the heart of the city. We offer an extensive selection of quality and gourmet yarns in a comfortable and welcoming space. Our yarn collection comes with a full-service department who can provide support and advice on your projects. Our gourmet yarn offerings came about as a result of the lack of yarn for the projects that we are considering. Our quality supplies reflect our passion and love for yarn work. Some of our customized services are available for our customers below.

Classes and Knitting Sessions

We schedule classes and knitting session for crafters of all levels. We have a comfortable knitting space exclusively for our customers looking for a quiet and cozy place to knit. One of our most important objectives is to spread our love of yarn and promote a close-knit community of people who share the same interest and passion. This is why we tend to keep our class sizes very limited so that the student-to-instructor ration is low. This ensures that each student receives sufficient individual attention.

Professional Finishing

Our team of professional crafters stands for the distinction between handmade and homemade. Our team provides finishing services for anxious crafters who do not want to deal with the task of assembling garments. Often, the skills required to create a knitted fabric is a lot different from the degree of skill required in finishing and assembling a hand knit garment. In fact, finishing is often the deciding factor that distinguishes a handmade garment from a simple homemade one.

Tailored Buttonholes

One of our most popular services is the provision of tailor-made buttonholes in knitted and crocheted fabrics. Tailored buttonholes are a superior alternative to the holes knitters usually leave in their completed fabric for buttons. Unlike knitted holes, tailored buttonholes are able to retain their shape better and keep the button in place. Our team of professionals have skills in this area that are comparable to the finest designers working with woven fabrics. The finished product will rival garments and clothes sold in specialty clothing shops.